Architecture is one of the most fascinating of mens work since the beginning of the time. It crpess the expression of life, the society and the talent of many people. It brings the thrill of lasting beauty to the eyes of beholder. We bring about your dream to reality with the best of precision, technicality, beauty and professionalism at Line design forum.

We provide you maximum in minimum budget.  A structure is produced by keeping in mind the rules-regulations and bye-laws of government. It involves detail drawing, planned elevations, sections, joinery details, electrical details, plumbing details etc.

We provide a 3d view in which our client can walk through. This also involves professional landscaping for natural ambiance. We do site supervision also.


It is a service which involves much more than choosing a color palette or finding the perfect art piece. It is a methodical process which includes  -


1) relationship with prospective employer

2) Extensive research

3) Compilation of portfolio for illustrative purposes

3) The presentation of proposed design

4) Contracting labour and suppliers.

5) Overseeing progress from start to finish.

6) Finally delivering the agreed design on deadline.

It also involves design concept for commercial, residential, institutional and medical spaces. It includes selection of lightning, electrical details and plumbing details. We provide design of false ceiling, wall treatment, flooring drawing details and furniture designs. 3d views and walk through are provided on the demand of client.


Property valuation is required and executed for different purposes such as sales transactions, mortgage lending, property insurance, periodical financial reporting of a business entities, company taxation of private persons and is addressed to residential & commercial  buildings. It process involve to determining the value of a real estate assets. This process is executed by us,  the "Line design forum" as we meet the required academic qualification, technical competence and experience as property valuer. We have thorough knowledge of specific market as well as necessary skills to carry out valuation process. While evaluating property we strictly keep in mind the legislative aspects and energy efficiency aspect.


Vastu Shastra

It is a ancient Indian art of living in harmony with the environment and attracting the most positive influences in to s living structure.

The flow of five elements through a house carries a positive energy sustaining life and imbibing the residents with a deep sense peace & vitality. In contrast a building that traps a chaotic interaction of elements is said to bring disease and misfortune to the residents. Vastu shastra points out to the specific benefits of designing . It specifies the shape of the block, the direction building will face, rooms themselves, its slope, proximity of garden, water and soil of quality to name a few for consideration.

3D Views

3D Views - Client needs to see finished work in before the actually building it. This is the per-visualized form in the form of images before raw material is put for construction. In this part of our service we provide the 3d views to our clients who comes to us with their plan, dedicatedly for 3d views of their plan.  Pre-Visualization gives them sense of comfort and support before investing in it. We provide exterior views of your elevation and also interior views to check out the photo-realistic form of your rooms with complete decor in it.


Landscape design is combination of nature and culture which help you to create meaningful and vital outdoor places having unique and managed environment. The Line Design Forum is also a  Landscape Designing firm,  having specialized landscape designers those help us to delivers architecture and creative planning projects consultancy and services keeping in mind all the technical environmental aspects. We at Line Design Forum having experience landscape designers able to understand your need and design the structure as per your requirement.


Our landscape designers main focus on everything you can see and touch. Our team has specialization in landscape design. We know what grows well and what will work best on your property! We continually upgrade our skills so that you get the most current ideas using the latest trends and freshest ideas.




The client’s requirements are acquired after the study of various aspects like site, weather, context, soil condition, etc. We prepare a concept design.


Presenting the concept gives a complete idea on the structure to be crafted. This is done using visualizations, photographs and sketches.


After getting the final consent from the client, the drawings are then worked on at a ‘micro level’ to better the interior spaces and make the building functional and aesthetic. Client meetings are held at frequent intervals to keep them informed about the proceedings.3D models and visuals are made to help the client understand the building form both internally and externally. The working drawings needed for construction are prepared.



Preparing all the necessary drawings and documents needed for construction. Assisting the client for appointing the right agency for construction.


Regular site visits are made at all important stages of the project. Clients are informed regarding the progress of works at site. Co-ordination with all agencies are done to ensure smooth progress and timely completion of the project.


The client is now happy with their dream turned into a reality !

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