Line Design Forum is a process driven team of architects & interior designers based in Jalandhar, in the State of Punjab.. We’re a unique design practice dealing each project with small interdisciplinary teams, the client being a design partner.

Line design forum

what we do

Residences | Apartments | Malls

| Offices | Institutions | Hospitals

Residences | Apartments | Villas

| Offices | Retail |  Commercial

We are approved valuers certified by Indian Government

We have wide variety of ides for your landscaping

Applicable for all the categories.

Photo - Realistic 3D Rendered Views for client's visualization

our service will provide you the following

Cost Consultancy




Get a clear idea of your total project budget and timelines upfront. No false promises now and surprises later.


Big Savings




Avail all vendor discounts directly to you, which most architects don’t transfer. There’s some big savings here.


See what you’ll get




Visualize your project in Photo-Realistic 3D all around with technical clarity.


Quality Control




Get notified visually on daily site progress. We keep an eye on the contractor’s material quality and timelines.


Cost Control




Get an accurate bill of quantities for your project and get quoted from multiple contractors.



Clarity on Govt. Processes




Most clients get stuck with wrong guidance related to Loans, Approvals, FSI, Deviations and Penalties. We give the real picture and also assist.


Budgets Upfront

Vendor Discounts

Photographic Progress

Liasoning and Approvals

Budgets Upfront

Accurate BOQ

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