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What does Line Design Forum  do? 

Being Architectural  Engineers and Interior Designers, we offer primary service as Architectural Design. Or design includes not only buildings but also deals with Interiors, furniture products , accessories and also graphics. We follow Vastu Shastra science in our each process.


Where is your office?

Location:  183 Gujral Nagar Market, Near Tv Centre, Jalandhar.



Do you have branches elsewhere?





Since when have you been practicing architecture?

Er. Sushil Chaudhary was practicing architecture from 1990 to 1995 with some renowned consultants. Finally he founded his own consultancy "Line Design Forum" in the year 2005.



Do you have a limitation regarding the size of the projects?

No, any size of project is welcome, be it big or small, but it should be interesting project.  Even unconventional projects where we think out of the box are welcome. We believe in giving maximum output in minimum size.




Can we see any of your built works?

We can guide you to our finished projects through documents and photographs only as clients privacy has to be maintained. You can checkout our website also for our latest projects.



Do we have to travel down to your office to meet you?

Yes. That way you’d get to see how we work.




Do we need to take an appointment to meet you in your office?

Yes, an appointment is a must. We meet our clients in the afternoon as first half of our time is busy in designing work. For appointment you call us on following phone numbers. Cell : 98140 86511,  Land line - 0181-2205880,  email :




When do we have the first meeting?

After speaking on the phone and if suits our client we mutually fix our first meeting at our office.


What should we bring when we come to meet you?

We recommend you to bring a dream sketch of your site along with brief for the project. If you could bring photographs, video clips, it would be a great help.  Please be clear with your requirements so that time is  saved.


 When do you visit the site?

After our first discussion for the project (which happens in our office) we would let you know a comfortable date/time by which we can visit your site.


 Do we have to pay you for the first site visit?

Yes, a nominal fee is charged( + actual travel fare ) for the site outside Jalandhar city limits, as lot of queries comes which never materialize due to varied reasons.


 What services do you offer?

Kindly refer to our website page for our services list.


How much do you charge for your services?

Our fees depends on project to project and from segment to segment.



Do we have to pay you an advance before starting the project?

Yes, just to show your seriousness and to create the interest of both the parties.



When do we get the ‘services and fee statement’ from you?

After the detail discussion of the project.


 When would you start designing our project?

We will let you know our availability on it as per or work load. We usually entertain certain amount of workload to maintain deadlines and efficiency.


 How does the whole process of designing happen?

As soon as our client contact us, we send then a overall gist of the project. If our client is satisfied with it we fix meeting with him. Then site visit is done. After that we refix a meeting . In this session we take our client through their requisites right from entrance to the backyard of the proposed project. After which a core concept is given and this gives a direction to  project.

After basic layouts done we again meet with the client and finalize the design. With good communication in the first 2 sessions usually this is the session for approval. We strengthen our design as per the outcome of the meeting. The next step is to finalize the project based on the final presentation. After which the detailed drawing are carried for approval/construction.



Do you give us several options of designs to choose from?   

No, as we communicate well in the first 2 sessions, there is no chance of any vague design made by us. When client has completely helped us we show them the best design for them.




Do you take up Construction of your designs ?

No, but we have the best recommendations who are em-paneled with us.




Do you supervise your projects?

Well, we offer timely visits not regular visits, as "Line design forum" concentrates of design solutions rather than execution of their projects for the time being.




Do you handle Renovation/Extension/Conservation projects?

Yes, we do.


 If we already have a plan ready from some other source, would you detail/ design the rest of such a project?

No. We prefer to start the project from the scratch to ensure the best from us as Architects.



Do you do Elevations alone?

No. We do not believe in the logic of ‘Elevation design’ alone. We believe in a practice where the project is designed as a whole and every element has a meaning as well as role in the perfect working of the design.


Do you design considering Vastu?

Yes, we do all our design on Vastu Shastra Science.



How can we contact you?

Write to us @ Line Design Forum or call us @   0181-2205880, 98558-65880

email us @,



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