Jalandhar, one of the major city of Punjab proudly declares "Line design forum" , a highly professional and dynamic architectural design firm. The firm is ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The company has multifaceted approach and innovative design ideas which are exclusive. The company is managing buildings and interior design projects in jalandhar and spreads itself in majority of town of Punjab. It is also working in neighboring states like Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttrakhand & Jammu. The service extends from architectural design, interior design and landscape design to HVAC and structural designing. We pride in delivering highest of workmanship with a stringent budget.

We have catered to the needs of the people since last 15 years as a personal-oriented architectural consulting engineering and interior designing forum specializing in buildings and interior design where complete team of forum give its best in every project and each client's project is treated very dearly as very own. This integrity sets us above and apart from any striving competition. This feature make our client very comfortable and rest assured of our best service to them. We consider our client's dreams and provide our design solution. We provide comprehensive drawings and precise specific document and monitor construction activities to verify work, so that construction is in accordance with it.



Vision - It is our desire and goal to create lively , diverse and absolutely safe design considering a safe future. The design is not localized but is futuristic. It considers  climate and environment concern bringing social, mental and economical consideration.


Our Mission - We weave the dream of our clients and fabricate it in to reality. WE practically produce and build solutions that help clients vision. We provide the best innovative designs as per economics of our client.


Methodology - Line design forum provides unique methodology which involves in creating peoples dream and building project desires in to reality. We remember to provide convenience  and comfort to peoples lives. We consider first LIFE , then space , then buildings, therefore we are the Stewart of planning and design solutions which enriches the lifestyle envisioned for each project.


Ideology - We believe in equality and are not governed by ethnic background, age. socio-economic class, religion at public places. Al residents, students, tourists, worker, children and elderly must be able to meet at public places comfortably.

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